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“LOK BHALAI DA SUNEHA” means to protect the rights of the people.

The purpose of forming “lok bhali da suneha” Newspaper is to convey the voice of the oppressed, laborers, farmers, employees and the poors to the government so that their demands can be met. Our main objective is to remain secular and maintain the unity and integrity of the country and to create awareness about the policies of the government by being a link between the government and the common man.

“lok bhalai da suneha” Newspaper is a people’s organization which serves the people and the country with donations made by the people. Apart from weekly governmental and social activities in the form of “lok bhali da suneha Daily Online and ” Weekly Newspaper & Web. News channel  it is also a platform for the people to which every aspect of their art is given a chance. Through “ lok bhalai da suneha ” Newspaper, many people have exposed their hidden talents.

Through lok bhalai da suneha Newspaper, any Indian and non indian  can become a member and serve the country and society as a journalist. Group “ lok bhalai da suneha” is always committed to protect the public interest.

From last 10 years Lok Bhalai Da Suneha News Paper is fullfilling its responsibilities towards society and also it has been established as the voice of a common man. News paper Lok Bhalai Da Suneha further promises not only to remain same but also to enhance itself so that the voice of common man can get more and more stronger. The team of the news paper is completely dedicated towards society and their responsibilities.

With thanks & great regards 

Balwinder singh Dhaliwal/ chief Editor

Sukhminder singh Canada/MD

‘LOK BHALI DA SUNEHA’ (A Leading Punjabi newspaper & Web.TV Channel)

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Balwinder Singh Dhaliwal
Founder/Chief Editor

Gurdeep Singh Dhaliwal
(BA.LLB) Legal Adviser

Sukhminder Singh Canada

Lok  Bhalai Da Suneha  Tea

1) Navneet Kaur (Preet) / Director

2) Shashi Kant / Director





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